MV Parabat Launch BD Contact Number with details

MV Parabat-11 operates from Dhaka to Barishal route. You reserve the entire launch from the Sadarghat Launch Terminal as well. Many passengers like to use this launch to travel to the route of Dhaka – Barishal – Dhaka. It offers a safe and joyful journey for the passengers, maintaining the accurate time and schedule. It contains total 900 seats and 100 Lifebuoys. But, most of the passengers traveling to MV Parabat-11 Launch are unknown of their service details and contact information. Don’t worry; this content will make sure to know all details, including counter numbers, ticket prices and other important information.
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Contact Number, Schedule & Other Details of MV Parabat-11

You can contact with the Sadarghat or Barishal offices with the following Contact number.

The hotline number: 01711 330642.

Advance booking contact number: 01711344745

Schedule of MV Parabat-11

It starts from Dhaka Sadarghat at night about 8:40 pm for Barishal launch terminal.

Fare of MV Parabat-11

Deck: BDT. 200

Cabin (Single): BDT. 850

Cabin (Double): BDT. 1600

Family Cabin: BDT. 1800

VIP Cabin: BDT. 400 & 5000

Deluxe Cabin: BDT. 1200

Cabin Numbers, Booking & Tickets Information

Total VIP cabin: 2
Second Class Double & Single Cabin: 30

Security & Disaster Management

MV Parabat-11 offers the highest security to its passengers with their own employees. It has 80 life buoys and 10 types to save lives in an emergency. Moreover, it has 4 pieces of fire fighting in the launch.


👻 There is 16 toilets and 1 prayer room in this launch.
👻 There is fist aid for the emergency.
👻 It takes help from other launches when get caught in the mid-river. Sometimes, passengers should come to overcome the issues.
👻 The launch operates up to cautionary signal number 2. If the signal 3 is shown, the operation gets stopped.
👻 Illegal goods must not carry by the passengers. The authority is not liable for any illegal materials.
👻 Children under 12 years are not require tickets.  

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Some Other Dhaka – Barishal – Dhaka Route Launches 

MV Parabat-2: Departs at Night 8:15. 
Contact Number: 01711276597

MV Parabat-7: Departs at Night 8:30. 
Contact Number: 01711344745

MV Sundarban-8: Departs at Night 8:30. 
Contact Number: 01711441028

MV Parabat-9: Departs at Night 8:45. 
Contact Number: 01711344747

MV Surabhi-8: Departs at Night 8:45. 
Contact Number: 01711453989

MV Surabhi-7: Departs at Night 9:00. 
Contact Number: 01711332084

MV Sundarban-7: Departs at Night 9:00. 
Contact Number: 01718664700

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