Himachol Paribahan All Counter Number, Ticket Prices & Details

Himachol Paribahan is a popular transportation service provider in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This is a well-known transport operation well known for the typical and upper class service. They are offering their services from Dhaka to different part of Dhaka and other places in the country. Himachol Paribahan is widely popular and first choice for the visitors. It offers a safe and joyful journey for the passengers, maintaining the accurate time and schedule. But, most of the passengers traveling to Himachol Paribahan are unknown of their service details and contact information. Don’t worry; this content will make sure to know all details, including counter numbers, ticket prices and other important information.
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Routes & Fares of the Himachol Paribahan

Mirpur-12 to Narayanganj: Fare BDT. 50

Mirpur-1 to Khilgoan: Fare BDT. 45

Mirpur-1 to Sony Hall: Fare BDT. 10

Mirpur-1 to Mirpur-10: Fare BDT. 10

Mirpur-1 to Kazipara: Fare BDT. 15

Mirpur-1 to Shewrapara: Fare BDT. 15

Mirpur-1 to Agargaon: Fare BDT. 15

Mirpur-1 to Jahangir Gate: Fare BDT. 20

Mirpur-1 to Mohakhali: Fare BDT. 20

Mirpur-1 to Gulshan-1: Fare BDT. 25

Mirpur-1 to Badda: Fare BDT. 25

Mirpur-1 to East - Rampura: Fare BDT. 30

Mirpur-1 to Chowdhury Para: Fare BDT. 30

Mirpur-1 to Malibag Rail Gate: Fare BDT. 35

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Himachol Paribahan Counter Number

You are welcome to the Himachol Paribahan for its counter contact numbers and other details. They bear the excellent service in this sector. As a result, they get huge popularity in this area with their services. People who like to visit this region and the nearest ones can take their services. For this reason, their route, schedule, ticket prices & other details are given below:

Himachol Paribahan Counter Addresses & Contact Number

Maniknagar T.T. Para, Contact Number: 01848-308992-3

Saydabad-1, Contact Number: 01848-308966

Saydabad-2, Contact Number: 01848-308967

CTG Road, Contact Number: 01848-308955

Mirpur-10, Contact Number: 01848-308960

Mohakhali, Contact Number: 01848-308963

Tongi Board Bazar, Contact Number: 01848-308950

Uttara Azampur, Contact Number: 01848-308953

Golapbag, Contact Number: 01848-308965

Saydabad-Terminal, Contact Number: 01848-308968

Kanchpur, Contact Number: 01848-308956

Mirpur-1, Contact Number: 01848-308961

Jigatola, Contact Number: 01842-825000

Tongi Station Road, Contact Number: 01848-308952

Airport, Contact Number: 01848-308954

Shanirakhra, Contact Number: 01848-308957

Kachukhet, Contact Number: 01848-308959

Shamoly/Adabor, Contact Number: 01848-308962

Nilkhet, Contact Number: 01848-308964

Tongi Cerag Ali, Contact Number: 01848-308951

Kuril Bishwa Road, Contact Number: 01848-308958

Booking (Dhaka) , Contact Number: 01848-308992, 01848-308993

Suggestion (Dhaka) , Contact Number: 01848-308999

Hotel Check, Contact Number: 01848-308996

E-mail: himacholbd@gmail.com
Website & E-Ticketing: www.himachol.com

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That’s all about Himachol Paribahan all detail information. Stay connected with us for the further update about this service. If you have any question or inquiries, please contact us or comment in the following comment box, we shall try to resolve your inquiries as soon as possible. And finally, thanks to stay with us to read the piece of writing with persistence. May your bus journey is safe and peaceful!

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