Dhaka WASA Contact Number

Water Supply and Sewerage System Authority of the Dhaka city is known as Dhaka WASA. The organization was founded in 1963 with the ordinance XIX of the East Pakistan. In 1990, Narayangonj City Corporation handed over its water, drainage and sanitation service. It’s based on the tremendous population growth and extended geographic situation. The last 2 decades it got huge expansion and growth of people in Dhaka WASA. The activities of WASA are recognized by the Act of the Dhaka WASA, 1996. According to this act, Dhaka WASA is a commercial organization for the services. Currently the geographical area of Dhaka WASA is not less than 360 sq. Km. Its total population is more than 12.5 million. 

dhaka wasa contact number
dhaka wasa contact number

Dhaka WASA Contact Number – Functions & Responsibilities

The total service areas are divided into 11 zones for the better customer care, maintenance and operation. Its 10 zones are in Dhaka City Corporation and 1 in the Narayangonj. Each zone is consisted with a customer care office that carries out the revenue and engineering activities. So, the respected customers can get all of the possible counseling and services from the single place. Construction, improvement, maintenance and operation are the main functions and responsibilities of the Dhaka WASA. It also responsible for necessary treating, preserving and collecting of infrastructures and provides pure potable drinking water to the inhabitants, commercial concerns and industries of the area. It bears the complete responsibility of domestic sewerage of Dhaka. It has expanded the service areas up to Uttara, Mirpur and North & South Narayangonj.

Dhaka WASA Contact Number – Aims of the Mission


Sustainable, Pro people Water Management System with Asia-Environment Friendly is the vision of the Dhaka WASA. It always looks for ways to superior services to the customers. It executes the projects speedily and effectively. It decreases dependency from SW to GW and practices a community culture in operation & management. It makes sure a high level of accountability & transparency along with advance competence reducing the operating cost.

Dhaka WASA Contact Number – Emergency Contact Numbers

Head Office Number (Control Room): 8110596

Dhaka WASA Fakirapul Emergency Number: 9356957, 9358615

Dhaka WASA Chadni Ghat Emergency Number: 7312589

Dhaka WASA Lalmatia Emergency Number: 8120205

Dhaka WASA Mirpur Emergency Number: 9003842, 9002648

Dhaka WASA Mohakhali Emergency Number: 9899340

Dhaka WASA Badda Emergency Number: 8833719

Dhaka WASA Hatkhola Emergency Number: 9568705

Dhaka WASA Narayangong Emergency Number: 7630528, 9750016

Head Office of the Dhaka WASA: 

WASA Bhaban, Kazi Nazrul Islam Ave, Dhaka 1215, Bangladesh

Head Office PhoneNumbers: +880 2-8116792 ext. 201
Website of the Dhaka WASA: https://dwasa.org.bd

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Head Office Working Hours: It’s closed on Friday and Saturday along with other government holidays. Other working days and hours are:

Sunday:     9AM–5PM
Monday:    9AM–5PM
Tuesday:    9AM–5PM
Wednesday:        9AM–5PM
Thursday: 9AM–5PM

Inhabitants with suffering related to the Dhaka WASA should contact their nearest offices that are given above.  You will get necessary information relating to the services with contact numbers and addresses of the Dhaka WASA. You will get expected services contacting the numbers. You will get inclusive information relating to the Dhaka WASA services, including its contact numbers, addresses across the areas of the organization.

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