Sakura Paribahan Counter Number, Route and Fare

Sakura Paribahan is one of the best transportation services in Bangladesh. They have been running their business since 1991. The service has a 24/7 customer care center which lets you complain against or advice for them. Sakura Paribahan offers non-AC bus service for the passengers. The company mainly maintains four routes such as Barishal, khepupara, Barguna, and Mothbaria. AC bus service can also be added soon with the existing buses.

Sakura Paribahan

You can contact the main office over the mobile. The official mobile numbers of Sakura Paribahan are 01727545460, 01746474780, 01700558805, can get Sakura Paribahan service information by calling to the counters. You can book or buy seats from the counter. The head office is in Gabtoli.

Sakura Paribahan Service Information and Counter


Sakura Paribahan counter number in Dhaka

Gabtoli (head office) - 01729556677, 02-8021184

Gabtoli Counter-02-8014702, 02-8056297

Saydabad Counter- 02-7550297, 01725-060033, 01916-157181

Savar Counter-01711-519191

Nobinagar Counter-01190-901177

Sakura Paribahan counter number in Barishal Barisal-01195438208 

Vurgata.Barisal-01712255857 TORKY.Barisal-01191560117 

Uzirpur.Barisal- 01716242019 

Barisal Bus Tarminal.Natullabad.Barisal- 01190689382, 01712618924 

Rupatpli Barisal- 01712308942 

Banaripara Barisal-01716589089-

Sarupkati Barisal-01719689455 

Jlokati sadar Tarminal- 01712073084,01190313193 

Rajapur Jlokati- 01724768808 

Seal kati- 01711381618 

Vandaria- 01716919389

Corkhali- 01713951258 

Motbaria- 01716114167 

Safa - 01713950555 

Bakergong- 01712772840 

Lebukhali- 01717996069 

Patualhali- 01718925124, 01190701450 

Amtoli- 01716553141 

Borguna- 01712986024, 01713959476 


Kepupara- 01713927377 

Kuakta- 01196157183, 01726528490 

Bagerhat- 01711010450, 01198145445 

Fakirhat- 01198234145 

Sinboard- 01721046377

Sakura Paribahan Route




Fare per Person

The fare from Dhaka to Barisal is TK 500 per person. The fare is same for Dhaka to Khepupara, Barguna or Mothbaria. You have to pay TK 550 for any of this destination. Per person fair for Dhaka to Jhalokathi is TK 500. You also have to pay TK 600 for Patuakhali or Kuakata. Unlike others, Sakura Paribahan non ac bus gives you the feelings of flying in the sky.

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Things to remember when traveling

* Passengers should reach at the bus stand at least before 20 minutes.

* Every passenger can carry the luggage of maximum 10-kilogram weight with him/her. An additional charge will have to give in the case of more than 10 kg weight of luggage.

* Passengers cannot carry illegal goods with him/her. In the case of carrying illegal goods, the authority is not responsible for that.

* Smoking is not allowed on the bus.

* Passengers should take a token after giving their luggage in bus bunker and keep that token safe for receiving their luggage back. Handbags and other goods in the bus, passengers have to keep under their own responsibility.

* If passengers come late at the bus stand and miss the bus, transport fare will not be given back to them.

International route and online service

You can’t go outside of Bangladesh directly from the above districts as Sakura Paribahan has no international service. You can use Shyamoli Paribahan service for this purpose. But you can save your time and money by buying a ticket from online using

Sakura Paribahan opened the service in 1991. Since then, it runs the business by maintaining superior customer service. They try their best to give the passengers best experiences. Sakura Paribahan is a milestone for the communication system for the districts near the Bay of Bengal as Desh travels for northern Bangladesh.

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