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AK Travels Counter Number Bus Schedule And Route

AK Travels is a renowned bus service in Bangladesh. You can travel Dhaka to Khulna by AK travels without any hesitation. The company gives you the best experience in bus journey. The mission of the transportation company is to make the customers happy by the superior services. The company provides its service in Dhaka, Khulna, Satkhira and Chittagong. You can buy or book your ticket from online or by a phone call. Kashem group from Satkhira owns AK travels, the most promising transportation service for southern Bangladesh.

AK Travels

AK travels has the service for bus both AC and Non AC. the service is the most affordable for the passenger. You can travel Dhaka to Khulna by AK travels along with Satkhira, Benapole, Jessore or Narail.

AK Travels contact number and service information


The main office of AK travels is in Kashem Group, Kashem Plaza, Abul Kashem Road, can reach them by telephone: Tel: 02-4716353 and mobile: 01716-267120.

AK Travels counters contact Number in Dhaka


Ø       Motijheel: 02-7195799, 01191-620642
Ø       Badda: 01193-314124
Ø       Basundhara: 01193-314119
Ø       Fakirapul: 01191-620643
Ø       Mailbag: 01193-060706
Ø       Kalabagan: 02-8142271, 01191-620641
Ø       Shyamoli: 02-9101083, 01190-756672
Ø       Savar: 01198-337111
Ø       Kalyanpur: 02-8091516, 01191-229421
Ø       Gabtoli: 02-8032916, 01191-620621, 01191-620622, 01192-057215
Ø       Nabinagar: 01191-620644
Ø       Panthapath: 01195-502602


AK Travels counters contact Number in Magura.


Ø       Magura: 01191-620640
Ø       Arpara: 01191-620639
Ø       Simakhali: 01191-620638


AK Travels counters contact Number in Jessore


Ø       Benapol: 01193 099133
Ø       Bagachra: 01190 756667
Ø       Navaron: 01190 756668
Ø       Jhikorgacha: 01190 756669
Ø       New Market: 01190-756670
Ø       Garikhana: 01191-620637
Ø       Monihar: 01191-620636
Ø       Nawapara: 01191-620634
Ø       Basundia: 01191-620635
Ø       Monirampur: 01190-735772
Ø       Chinitola: 01195-526578
Ø       Keshobpur: 01195-526577


AK Travels counters contact Number in Narail 01197-389824

AK Travels counters contact Number in Khulna


Ø       Royal: 041-2831501, 041-2831502, 01191-620625, 01191-620626
Ø       Boyra: 01191-620629
Ø       ShibBari: 01191-620627
Ø       Sonadanga: 041-2831503, 01191-620628
Ø       Notun Rasta: 01191-620630
Ø       Doulotpur: 01191-620631
Ø       Fulbarigate: 01191620632
Ø       Fultola: 01191-620633
Ø       Paikgacha: 01193-099134
Ø       Chuknagar: 01195-526576


AK Travels counters contact Number in Satkhira

Ø       Satkhira: 0471-65805, 01190-756660, 01190-756674
Ø       Shyamnagar: 01190-756664
Ø       Kalaroa: 01190-756671
Ø       AK Khan: 01193-299521
Ø       Kaliganj: 01190-756665
Ø       Nalta: 01190-756429
Ø       Parulia: 01711-212176
Ø       Patkelghata: 01195-526575


AK Travels counters contact Number in Bagerhat 01193-099135

AK Travels Booking System and International Route

You can buy your necessary ticket from any counters of AK travels. You can also book your seat over a phone call. The manager of the counter will provide your booked seat after your payment. You can also buy a ticket from the online. Buying a ticket from online is very easy. It saves your valuable time and money. You can buy AK Travels online bus ticket from The international service is not available yet. If it is available, a notice will go to the press and social media. 

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AK travels Fare per person

Fare in TK
Tk. 400
Tk. 550
Tk. 600

AK Travels is a well-known and popular transport company in Bangladesh. It ensures the luxurious and enjoyable journey for the passengers. The company is very careful with the complaint of the passengers. If you have any complaint about their service any suggestion to upgrade the service, feel free to contact with AK Travels.